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NSW engineers at work
NSW engineers at work

Naval Strike Wing Diary

  • AET Gunn
    7th Nov 2008
    AET Gunn
    After two and a half years in the Navy and still never having been to sea (apart from my brief trips on the Gosport Ferry), I am deployed to my first operational tour out in Kandahar Airfield.
  • AET Turner
    7th Nov 2008
    AET Turner
    I joined the Navy in September 2006, and after basic training joined HMS Sultan where I did my phase 2A aircraft engineering training.
  • Lt Bouyac- RN Website Blog
    A day in the life of a Harrier Pilot in Kandahar………..
  • AET Kyle Kyriacou
    13th Oct 2008
    AET Kyle Kyriacou
    I joined the RN 3 and a half years ago and never thought that I would be serving in Afghanistan.
  • AET Scott Harrison
    13th Oct 2008
    AET Scott Harrison
    I am an Aircraft Engineering Technician working on the Harrier Circuit, and this is my second time out in Afghanistan.
  • PAC Emma Heathcote
    23rd Sep 2008
    PAC Emma Heathcote
    After having joined the Squadron only 6 weeks previously I was quite anxious about deploying to Op Herrick in Afghanistan.
  • A Command Perspective
    It is now 6 weeks since we left UK shores for the sun, dust and heat of Kandahar and despite only leaving Afghanistan last February we find lots of change.
  • After joining the Royal Navy roughly 2 and a half years I find myself at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan with the Naval Strike Wing, a Harrier squadron providing air support for troops on the ground.
  • AET Scott Clark
    3rd Sep 2008
    AET Scott Clark
    I joined the Royal Navy just over 2 years ago, after 18 months of trade training I got my first front line squadron, Naval Strike Wing.
  • AET 'Archie' Gemmell
    3 years ago, as a civilian undergoing transformation to Matelot, I never once thought that I would be a sailor serving in the ‘sand’! On discovering that I would once serve on a front line squadron in Afghanistan, I was nervous and apprehensive.