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Specialisation Training

You will undertake your specialisation training either in Unit, or at Regional or National training weekends and your mandatory two weeks continuous training may be onboard a ship or at a shore establishment in the UK or abroad.

This usually culminates in a two week qualifying course at the Lead School for your specialisation, where you will join ratings from other units for instruction and sit any required exams during the course.

Upon successful completion of all the required elements you will be ready to take your first step up the promotion ladder to Able Rate which also sees an increase in your daily rate of pay.

Promotion (sometimes called advancement) within your specialisation is determined by a number of factors including:

  1. Having completed your leading hands specialisation course 
  2. That you have completed the required time in the lower rate; and
  3. That you have successfully completed the Leading Rates Command Course (LRCC).  This course aims to teach and develop the leadership qualities of ratings. Instructional Technique (ie your ability to teach others), motivation and communication feature  largely  in the course content.

Promotion Boards (a committee) will sit and select ratings for promotion at all levels.

Following promotion to Leading Hand you will also undertake additional duties within your Division, such as carrying out instruction, and acting as the first level of management within the divisional system.

You will continue to progress through your training and promotion with the next potential step being up to Senior Rate as a Petty Officer.  With your new promotion comes additional management type responsibility.

You will become a Divisional Senior Rate, where you will be responsible for a number of junior ratings, providing support, training, guidance and complete annual reports on your each member of your division; this may contribute to their future promotion prospects.  You will also be required to present a number of lessons and may be given additional tasks within your Unit and expected to give up time to support your mess.

During you time as a Senior Rate will you be required to attend the Senior Rate Command Course (SRCC).

You may be promoted to Chief Petty Officer and possibly Warrant Officer, although these positions are limited.