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Excellent logistical support is vital in order for the Royal Navy to function effectively.
As part of the Logistics specialisation, you will be responsible for ensuring that everything the Royal Navy needs to do its job is there at the right time, such as food, supplies and administrative support. This is a crucial role, as the Royal Navy operates in an unpredictable environment under challenging conditions. You are likely to find yourself in a variety of environments manning advanced logistics support sites, forward logistics sites and Headquarters units. You will be trained to take charge in a Logistics Headquarters and sites at forward locations, to ensure that maritime forces get the support they need from ashore, which means controlling the movement of personnel, mail and cargo.

In recent years the Logistics specialisation has been at the forefront of innovation and
transition within the Royal Navy Reserves. This is a specialisation with a global commitment and all the posts are interesting and demanding. We need people with self-discipline, leadership, integrity and a strong team ethic. You will need to be able to communicate clearly and have the confidence and personality to be able to liaise
with a host of agencies and representatives.