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The Fleet


The Royal Navy has some of the most advanced technology at its disposal, but there is one ingredient above all that gives it the capability to succeed – its people.


The knowledge and skills of personnel in the Warfare Branch enables them to handle ships or submarines in the most challenging conditions, operating the weapons and defensive systems to identify and, if necessary, destroy military threats.


Royal Marines of all ranks undergo the same Commando training – one of the world’s longest and toughest military courses. It is this unique training that makes the Royal Marines a flexible force capable of operating anywhere and at any time.


The equipment and systems that provide our firepower and enable us to operate in harsh conditions at sea have to be kept in peak condition. Engineers of the Royal Navy understand how they work, know how to fix them if they wear out or get damaged, and know how to keep them working efficiently.


Thanks to the skills of the people of the Logistics Branch, spare parts and supplies are in the right place when they are needed; everyone is fed, paid and given the support they need; and all this happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the world.


Personnel who fly and maintain the helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft enable the Royal Navy to be just as capable in the air as it is on land or sea.

Life savers

Highly trained medical personnel provide the skills to prevent illness and disease in times of peace, as well as tending to the sick or injured during conflict. Without healthy people the Royal Navy simply couldn’t operate effectively.


Through the skills and discipline of its Musicians and Buglers, the Royal Marines Band Service communicates the excellence of the Service at a huge range of events each year.

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