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Another Job Well Done For Fox Leading Hand

Lyme Bay Dock
Leading Hand Rebecca Vincent

Leading Hand Rebecca Vincent has recently returned from exercise South West Sword onboard RFA Lyme Bay. She was there to perform the role of Bridge Communication Watch Keeper.

A communications rating, and a mother of three, she has been in the Royal Navy Reserves for nearly 10 years. In this time, she has been able to take advantage of many training opportunities at sea, and more recently a leadership command course leading to promotion.
She has served on numerous ships, including HMS Guernsey on Fishery Protection Patrol in the North Sea, HMS Grimsby, serving as part of a NATO contingent in the Mediterranean, HMS Ocean during Apache Helicopter trials on route to Gran Canaria, and RFA Oakleaf in storm force gales off Stornaway!

'I have done things I never dreamed of doing, and sailed to places I never thought I'd go. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone big time, providing me with challenges I never imagined I'd attempt, let alone achieve!