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    Average pay:
    RN and RM Officers and Ratings Rates of Pay 2009
    Age on entry:
    17-39 (exceptionally up to age 49)
    British, Irish, Commonwealth or British/ dual citizenship
    Entry on part 1 or 2 of the Nursing and Midwifery Council register and at least two years' post-registration experience
    Nursing Officers can be men or women
    Job description

    As a Nursing Officer, you can combine a worthwhile nursing career with real opportunities for action and adventure. The role of a Nursing Officer with the Royal Navy is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities in nursing.

    On board

    Name: Paul Carnell
    Age: 32

    What is different about being a nurse in the Royal Navy rather than the NHS?
    If you want challenges you wouldn't come across in the civilian world, it's the best of both worlds - three worlds in fact. I've been on deployment with the Commandos, and we are now working on air retrieval. I define nursing in the Royal Navy as a career within a lifestyle.

    What is it like working in a combat zone?
    It is a career that makes a lot of different demands. You need to have a good technical understanding of the equipment, but you also have to be able to manage the people and the administration. And when something does go wrong or requires leadership, you also have to be able to deliver that.

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