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    Age on entry:
    17-55 (17-46 if you require career professional training)
    British, Irish, Commonwealth or British/ dual citizenship
    You must have a secured place/be studying at medical school, be in or about to start your pre-registration year or be fully registered with the General Medical Council.
    Medical Officers can be men or women. However, only men can serve as Medical Officers in the Submarine Service. They must also hold full British citizenship.
    Job description

    If you would like to practise medicine in varied, challenging and sometimes exciting environments, to develop your leadership skills and to enjoy some different activities, then this could be exactly the opportunity you are looking for.

    On board

    Name: Funmi Daramola
    Age: 48

    What is medical practice like in the Royal Navy?
    No two days or jobs are the same. Apart from the usual general practice issues the Sickbay is often one of the first ports of call for unhappy, stressed sailors. There is a large pastoral component (the chaplain and medical officer often see people in tandem) and involves liaising with Divisional Officers and sometimes the Command.

    Do you feel that the Royal Navy invests in you?
    Yes. The Royal Navy wants us to be the best at what we do. We are encouraged to attend courses that will enable us to do our jobs better and unlike the NHS if that means attending many different courses then so be it - there is not a 'cap' on the number of courses. It is true that the Royal Navy provides opportunities that are not always available to our NHS colleagues. A number of Trauma specialists have been sent to South Africa or the USA for the experience (gun shot wounds etc.). The investment doesn't end with clinical courses - the Royal Navy wants rounded people and so outside interests are encouraged especially sports. The Royal Navy recognises the fact that leave is valuable for relaxation and therefore we have 30 days annual leave plus bank holidays.

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