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Sea King ASaC
Sea King ASaC
Sea King ASaC

The ASaC - Airborne Surveillance and Area Control (previously Airborne Early Warning) Sea King was rapidly brought into service post the Falklands conflict when it became clear that organic Airborne Early Warning was an essential part of air power at sea. Once again the venerable airframe fitted the bill and, using the Searchwater radar, quickly entered service. The platform offers tactical control to the Harrier, and other shore and carrier based aircraft. It can detect low flying aircraft trying to attack surface ships under conventional shipborne radar cover. It can also be used for surface search again using the sophisticated, computer controlled long range radar.

ASaC Squadrons are: 849 NAS, 854 NAS and 857 NAS

Sea King ASaC
Engines 2 x 1600shp Rolls Royce Gnome H1400-1 free power turbines
Rotor diameter 20m
Length 22.2m
Height 6m
Max Speed 125 knots
Max weight 9.8 tonnes
Crew 1 pilot + 2 observers