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    Age on entry:
    British, Irish, Commonwealth or British/ dual citizenship
    Two GCSEs (A*-C)/ 2 Scottish Standard grades (1-3)/ equivalent, including English; or NEBDN National Certificate (if obtained before 1 January 1989) or NVQ Level 3 in Oral Health Care
    Dental Surgery Assistants can be men or women

    Job description

    Being a Dental Surgery Assistant with the Royal Navy is just like working in any well-equipped, highly professional dental practice - but with the added variety and interest of doing a vital job in the Royal Navy, where you could serve at sea or on deployment with the Royal Marines.

    We offer most people the security of a Full Career, which is 18 years or to age 40, whichever is later. Some people may have the opportunity to serve for longer, depending on their wishes and the needs of the Service. However, if you want to leave the Royal Navy, you can submit 12 months' notice two and a half years after the end end of your initial professional training. The exact length of this training period depends on the particular job you do and the level of training it requires. All new recruits have a right of discharge at 14 days notice after 4 weeks, within the first 6 months of service, regardless of career terms.

    On board

    Name: Jackie Atherton
    Age: 22

    What do people say when they find out you are in the Royal Navy?

    People think that military life is being regimented and told what to do 24 hours a day. For me, it's the same as being a dental nurse in a practice but with free gym and swimming facilities - and a qualification as a dental radiographer which the Royal Navy funded.

    When is your busiest time?

    Before they go on operations, we drive to the ships and work with the ship's company to get them all fit. We've got a 'Prime Mover' which is basically a big van with a dental surgery in the back.

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