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The Royal Navy Cyprus Squadron

The Royal Navy Cyprus Squadron (RNCS) was formed in February 2003 in support of Operation Telic, the US led invasion of Iraq. Two P2000 class patrol Ships HMS Pursuer (P273) and Dasher (P280) were transported to Cyprus on a large merchant support vessel the CEC Mayflower.

Based within RAF Akrotiri her role has developed from her initial requirement in 2003.  Primarily employed in Force Protection of visiting Ships and BFC designated high value units, she also conducts Internal Security (IS) patrols protecting the Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) large maritime flank and provides directed continuation training to visiting RN units.  Support of the SBA Civil Authorities such as the Police and Customs and Excise, both operationally and for training, are also key engagements.

HMS Pursuer in Dramatic Rescue off Cyprus Coast