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  • HMS Endurance Returns to Portsmouth
    HMS Endurance, the Royal Navy’s ice patrol ship, has returned to Portsmouth for repair and return to service following a flooding incident in her engine room in December.
  • Commanding Officer’s Update for HMS Endurance
    Following a very serious flooding incident whilst operating in the Magellan Straits just before Christmas the Commanding Officer has released the following statement..  
  • HMS Endurance Update
    As you will probably know, last week HMS ENDURANCE suffered a very unfortunate incident when the engine room became flooded with sea-water whilst underway. The situation was extremely difficult but the exceptional damage control efforts and professionalism of the ship's company kept the ship safe and help soon arrived in the form of a Chilean tug.
  • HMS Endurance
    17th Dec 2008
    HMS Endurance
    We can confirm that Royal Navy Antarctic patrol ship HMS Endurance suffered a flood in her engine room which left her without main power and propulsion off the coast of Chile. An investigation is underway into the exact cause of the incident.
  • Tasking Finished In South Georgia
    HMS Endurance has just finished a very busy couple of weeks tasking in South Georgia.
  • Beginning Of a Busy Operational Period
    HMS Endurance has just arrived at South Georgia where she will be busy for the next two weeks.
  • Boat Camp and Remembrance
    HMS Endurance is back in Antarctica and is already very busy. In her first operational period of just over two weeks she has several tasks including surveying,..
  • HMS Endurance
    4th Nov 2008
    HMS Endurance
    HMS Endurance is now alongside in the Falkland Islands after passage from Sierra Leone.
  • New Captain For HMS Endurance
    The 27th October saw a change of Captain for HMS Endurance, just before she returns to Antarctica later this week.
  • Preparation for Antarctica
    HMS Endurance is now alongside in the Falkland Islands after her passage from Sierra Leone.