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Cutaway image of a Sandown Class MCMV
Blyth at the Clifton suspension bridge, July 2006 
HMS Grimsby and HMS Ramsey sail into a stormy Gareloch where they will make HMNB Clyde their new home

The first of the dedicated single role mine hunters (MCMV) entered service with the Royal Navy in 1989 and eight are now in service.

Take a virtual tour of a Sandown Class (MCMV)

Sandown Class Mine sountermeasure Vessel (MCMV)
Displacement: 600 tons
Length: 52.5 metres
Beam: 10.9 metres
Speed: 13 knots
Complement: 34 (max 40)

1 x 30 mm gun
Blyth and Ramsey each have the following extra armament 
3x General Purpose Machine Guns (1 on either bridge wing and 1 on the stern of the ship)
2x Miniguns – midships on either side of the ship

Radar: Type 1007 I-Band
Countermeasures: 2 x PAP 104 Mk5 remote controlled submersibles (RCMDS 2)
Sonar: Type 2093 mine search and classification sonar
Propulsion: 2 x Paxman Valenta 6RP200E diesels; 1523 hp sustained; Voith-Schnieder propulsion; 2 x Schottel bow thrusters