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    Average pay:
    RN and RM Officers and Ratings Rates of Pay 2009
    Age on entry:
    British or British/ dual citizenship
    At least 180 UCAS points and 5 GCSEs (A*-C)/ 5 Scottish Standard Grades (1-3)/ equivalent, including English and maths.Not all courses and qualifications, especially those at BTEC or of a more vocational nature, are suitable for inclusion within this 180 points total. Therefore candidates should seek guidance through their Naval Careers Adviser.
    Warfare Officers can be men or women; however, only men can serve as Mine Clearance Diving Officers
    Job description

    Modern warships of the Royal Navy are highly developed fighting machines. As a Warfare Officer, you will be in the front line of the Royal Navy's operations both in conflict and times of peace. The Royal Navy needs decisive leaders who can navigate its ships and make key tactical decisions.

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    On board

    Name: Chris L'Amie
    Age: 25

    What kind of job are you doing now?

    At the moment I'm a Navigating Officer and my main responsibilities are the safe piloting of the ship, going in and out of harbour. I also plan the ship's passage, checking out everything from the tides to fuel figures. I can then work out when we will arrive at our destination.

    What qualities do you need to be a Warfare Officer?

    It's important to be confident, fairly intelligent and to have a bit of humility.

    Why did you decide to join the Royal Navy?

    It had always been my ambition but I finally made the decision to join when I was at university. Rather than doing a masters degree, which was expensive, I wanted to travel and get paid for it. I also knew that if you did decide to leave, then the training opens doors for other excellent career prospects.

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