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Rear Admiral P A Jones
Rear Admiral P A Jones

Rear Admiral P A Jones

Rear Admiral Philip Jones was born in Bebington, Cheshire and educated at Birkenhead School.  He subsequently joined the Royal Navy in 1978 and, after training at BRNC Dartmouth, he read for a degree in Geography at Mansfield College, Oxford.

His Fleet training, following graduation, included a period of active service in the South Atlantic in 1982 in the Amphibious Assault Ship HMS Fearless.  His early service, in frigates and in HM Yacht Britannia, included deployments to the South Atlantic, Caribbean and Far East and then, as a frigate navigating officer, to the Gulf in 1987 during the Iran-Iraq war.

He qualified as a Principal Warfare Officer in 1989, specialising in Communications and Electronic Warfare (CEW), and served with the Captain First Frigate Squadron in HMS Coventry, completing two more Gulf deployments.  A subsequent Battle Staff appointment with the then Commander UK Task Group (predecessor of COMUKMARFOR) included deployments to the Far East and, on Operation GRAPPLE, to the Adriatic in 1993.  On promotion to Commander he commanded the frigate HMS Beaver from 1994-6, including a Mediterranean deployment with the NATO Standing Naval Forces conducting Operation SHARP GUARD.  He then attended the Joint Service Defence College before serving in the Directorate of Navy Plans and Programme in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) during the 1997-8 Strategic Defence Review, and then on the staff of the Flag Officer Surface Flotilla (FOSF) as the Staff Operations Officer. 

In 1999, as a Captain, he returned to sea for two years in command of the frigate HMS Coventry, which included a successful deployment to the Caribbean conducting Counter Drug Operations in 2001.

Following a short spell on the TOPMAST team, advising on the design of a manpower system for the Future Navy, he returned to MOD to be Military Assistant to the Chief of Defence Logistics, before a tour on the staff of Flag Officer Sea Training as Director Joint Maritime Operational Training Staff (JMOTS), running Joint Maritime Courses (now JOINT WARRIORS).

In 2004, as a Commodore, his appointment as Assistant Chief of Staff (C4ISTAR) to Commander-in-Chief Fleet gave him responsibility for development of the Navy’s Network Enabled Capability.  His appointment in 2006 as Commander Amphibious Task Group (COMATG), and as an Honorary ADC to HM The Queen, came just in time to lead the ATG on the VELA deployment to West Africa.  Following a short loan to JSCSC Shrivenham to complete Higher Command and Staff Course 2007, he lead the ATG through training and validation for a period in the NATO Response Force, while on the CARINA deployment to the Baltic.

Promotion to Rear Admiral in February 2008 saw a move to Scotland for a brief but enjoyable tour as the Flag Officer Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland and Flag Officer Reserves, supervising the Navy’s Regional Coherence and Reserves Integration initiatives as the de facto flag officer for all maritime regional forces. He became COMUKMARFOR in September 2008.

Philip’s family live in Petersfield, Hampshire where his wife, Liz, is a music teacher, and their three teenage children are in local schools and colleges.