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Commander UK Maritime Force

The Maritime Battle Staff

The primary role of COMUKMARFOR and his staff is to command UK, Allied or Coalition maritime forces, worldwide, when assigned under directives issued by CJO, CINCFLEET or other Commanders. The Maritime Battle Staff is a scaleable 2* operational command capability that can be run out fully under 2* command, ashore or afloat, or tailored to provide a command or support-to-command function at the appropriate command level and to scale demanded by the circumstances.

World Class Maritime Component Command

Rear Admiral Phil Jones is currently the UK's standing Maritime Component Commander, with an International Staff and a world-wide network of contacts with military, diplomatic and non-government agencies.

Componency and Effects

COMUKMARFOR and his staff provide formation level command. Internally the staff is configured for effects-based operations. The traditional planning sequence is underpinned by Ops Support that comprises a variety of skills and disciplines, including Information Operations, Targeting, CivMil Cooperation, Legal, Political/Policy and Media Ops.

The OSG analyses priorities, assesses progress and ensures that the Commander is able to articulate his priorities at the Joint Coordination Board - the key decision taking forum.

Maritime Expertise

COMUKMARFOR provides, along with COMUKAMPHIBFOR, advice to PJHQ, through COMOPS, on the maritme contribution to Joint operations. He is also the CINC’s Global Maritime Adviser, contributing to the intelligence preparation of the battle space, wider regional engagement and theatre security cooperation.

Balancing Capability and Delivery

Whilst responsible for retaining core skills necessary to deliver a credible 2* operational staff readiness, COMUKMARFOR’s top priority is to deliver maximum effectiveness at the 1* command level. This involves preparing, validating and supporting the 1* Comds themselves, as well as their staffs, to deliver on operations.