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Welcome to HMS Tireless! HMS Tireless is the 3rd of 7 "Trafalgar" Class SSN submarines, based in Devonport, Plymouth. Following the demise of the Second Submarine Squadron, HMS Tireless is now part of a new organisation known as Commodore Devonport Flotilla (COMDEVFLOT), which supports all ships and submarines based in Devonport.

Mrs Sue Squires, wife of Admiral 'Tubby' Squires, launched HMS Tireless in March 1984. After Commissioning in October 1985 HMS Tireless completed a comprehensive work up followed by numerous exercises and visits around the world, including a trip to the Arctic in 1991, before entering a refit in early 1996. This comprehensive refit was completed in 1999.

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Video footage of HMS Tireless in the Arctic waters of the North Polar Ice Cap region

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