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Fitness and team spirit are important parts of the Royal Navy ethos. That is why we provide free access to high-quality sports facilities in every shore establishment and aboard most ships.


There are state-of-the-art facilities for pretty much any sport you can think of. Many of our ships have gym facilities on board and sometimes circuit training is available in the hangar or on the flight deck.

We have clubs for judo, cycling, archery, rowing, badminton and many more. Whatever sport you are into, the Royal Navy will offer you the opportunity to follow your passion.

Adventurous training, which is designed to build your character, includes activities like skiing, mountaineering, parachuting or jungle trekking.

Team sports

If you like team sports, you could end up representing the Royal Navy or even the UK in rugby, football or cricket.

Sporting events

We value people with the drive to compete. There are many established sporting events and leagues in which you can take part.


Sporting certificates that you can gain in the Royal Navy are often recognised outside the Service too.

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