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Everyone in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines has the opportunity to study for extra qualifications regardless of their rank. Many training courses lead, either wholly or in part, to civilian-recognised qualifications.

Opportunity for all

The Royal Navy encourages all its people to reach their full potential. Many who join the Service with no formal qualifications gain GCSEs, A-levels or even degrees while serving.


Generous levels of financial support are available for external training, whether directly relevant to the Royal Navy or not, mainly under two different schemes.

All Naval personnel can claim up to £175 per year, for all kinds of training courses, under the Standard Learning Credits scheme.

The Enhanced Learning Credits scheme offers assistance to personnel who have served for a longer period of time (4 years minimum).  Under this scheme, you qualify for awards for training of up to £6,000 over 3 years, which can be used either while in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, or as much as 10 years after leaving.

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