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The Fleet


Satisfy your thirst for new experiences and the rush of adrenalin. In the Royal Navy you will have the chance to sample the thrills of adventurous training and see places that many of your civilian friends only dream about.


When a ship visits a foreign port you will have some duties to carry out on board, but when they are done you will be free to explore – anything from a night out in downtown Tokyo to a road trip round the USA.

If you join the Royal Marines, you will be travelling a lot too – not only on operations but also for training and carrying out exercises with other forces.

Adventurous training

Step out of your comfort zone. Adventurous training courses could find you sub-aqua diving in the Red Sea, snowboarding in the Alps or taking part in African expeditions.

Whether you are a complete novice or already have some experience, this kind of training is designed to build your character and help you push your limits.

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