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    Basic training

    You will spend up to a year at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, Devon. The training is extremely challenging but rewarding. From the moment you arrive, you will be part of a team as you learn naval and leadership skills, take part in exercises and have your first sea-going experience.

    We strongly recommend that you start to build on your fitness levels before you arrive for training - you will feel more confident and enjoy the training much more.

    Professional training

    You will under take a comprehensive 6 month Initial Logistic Officers Course including sea experience and shore training at the Defence Maritime Logistic School at HMS RALEIGH, Torpoint. You will learn the fundamentals of logistics in the Royal Navy, including supply chain management, personnel administration and catering. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be appointed to your first post as a Logistics Officer. Training is a continuing process throughout your career. As well as further logistics training, opportunities exist for further training in areas such as law, management accountancy, personnel and IT.

    Submariner Service - only men can join the Submarine Service

    If you join the Submarine Service, you will go to the Submarine School at HMS Raleigh for a four-month course that covers all aspects of submarine operations, including warfare, weapons, nuclear propulsion and escape training. Afterwards, you will begin your professional training as a Logistics Officer. You will then be able to test your basic skills at sea as a Submariner. After an interview to check that you know literally every pipe, nut and bolt of your boat, you will win your Dolphins - the badge that shows you are a Submariner - and a 'golden hello' of £5,000. You will then qualify for submarine pay on top of your basic pay as well. For the current rate of submarine pay, please click here.

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