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    • Ensuring your ship or submarine has everything it needs to be operationally effective, everything from items of equipment to highly skilled people
    • Providing advice directly to senior commanders on logistics issues that affect your own ship or submarine, or a group of vessels deployed together
    • Equipping your ship before it sets off on an operational tour, which will require careful preparation of deployment plans, including requirements for re-stocking supplies both at sea and ashore
    • Leading and managing a diverse team of specialists who make sure that an operation can be sustained by co-ordinating orders and deliveries of equipment, and providing food and other vital services
    • Representing individuals in disciplinary or appeal procedures
    • Providing professional advice to the Commanding Officer on personnel policy, legal and accountancy matters, divisional issues and governance (probity and propriety)
    • Carrying out vital additional duties, such as battle damage control and first aid, often in difficult conditions, on land and at sea
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