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Naval Regional Commanders Areas of Responsibility
Naval Regional Commanders Areas of Responsibility

Question: How does one find out about local Royal Navy events, when the nearest Naval Base is many miles away?

Answer: Contact your nearest Naval Regional Commander (NRC) at the Royal Navy Headquarters, who is the official RN representative in your area of the UK.

Naval Regional Commanders (NRCs) play an important part in today's Navy, as they provide the local link to all 'matters Royal Navy ' in their Regions. There are four NRCs in the UK, each holding the rank of Commodore, and each heading a small but enthusiastic naval and civilian staff.

The four Regions covered are:
NRC East
NRC North
NRC Scotland & N.Ireland
NRC West

The overall purpose of the NRC is to promote the Royal Navy, often in areas where there is little exposure to the Navy and its core business. They will do this by coordinating Naval representation and fostering good relations with civic dignitaries, industry and the general public.

NRCs deal with any matter of Naval import in their Regions, and their work varies widely from one area of responsibility to another, according to Naval interest. Much of their day-to-day effort involves representing the Navy at civic functions, regional events, and commemorative occasions; and many of these events will be supported by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Reserves, University Royal Naval Units, local Sea Cadet units and the RN recruiting field force.

Similarly any Royal Navy or foreign warship visit to a local port will invariably be co-ordinated through the NRC. If the ship is open to the general public during her visit, then the NRC will help promote this through local media outlets.

After dinner speaking can be another side to the NRCs role, and presentations with the full RN Presentation Team can be arranged for a range of civic and industrial organisations. If you want the Navy to visit you for a presentation or speaking engagement the initial point of contact is the Royal Navy Presentation Team .

To contact your nearest Naval Regional Commander please click on the links above.