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High on a hill above the town of Dartmouth in Devon, south west England, Britannia Royal Naval College has been training Royal Naval officers on this site since 1905. In fact, naval officers' training in Dartmouth goes back to 1863, when the old wooden wall HMS BRITANNIA was first moored in the River Dart. The job has always been the same and is now encapsulated, as you might expect, in a mission statement:

"To train and educate Young Officers to meet the challenging standards of the front line"

The Royal Navy has a uniquely long and successful history and through it all runs a common thread, that has stretched from the days of the Armada, through the Napoleonic campaigns to the modern day conflicts of the Falklands and the Gulf. It is the ability of Royal Naval officers to inspire their subordinates to undertake feats of bravery and endurance in the face of danger.

The key to success is not just the technology, but the quality of the men and women in the ship's company. A well-led crew can overcome many difficulties. It is the business of Britannia Royal Naval College to train the young officers who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

The College has changed markedly over the century since it first opened its doors. What has not changed is the ethos of the establishment. It is here to change young men and women from civilians into fit, professional and compassionate leaders, proud of themselves, the uniform they wear, and the tradition they represent. They will leave the College to become the next generation of Royal Naval officers.

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