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HMS Sultan is the home of Royal Naval School of Marine Engineering (RNSME) and the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS) whose primary function is to supply the Fleet with engineering Officers and Ratings of the highest quality. The sheer size of the organisation generates spare training capacity that is sold on to foreign Navies and British industry in the form of bespoke courses and apprenticeships.

Also housed at HMS Sultan is the Admiralty Interview Board, the instrument of Officer selection for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines; the Central Air and Admiralty Medical Board (CAAMB); the Naval Aircrew Advisory Board (NAAB) and NMA's Centurion Building. HMS Sultan also provides the RN's survival, ship husbandry and environmental training. Using the most modern training facilities and procedures, we prepare our men and women to operate and maintain the extensive and highly sophisticated range of machinery and equipment found in our ships, submarines and aircraft.

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