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Commodore S P Thorne RD ADC Royal Naval Reserve
Commodore S P Thorne RD ADC Royal Naval Reserve

Commodore S P Thorne RD ADC Royal Naval Reserve

Born in Worcester in 1952, Commodore Stephen Thorne lived in Malvern for 11 years and moved to Newcastle in Staffordshire in 1963, where he completed his secondary education.  He qualified with a degree in Town Planning as a Chartered Town Planner at the University of the South Bank (London) in 1982.

Commodore Thorne joined HMS Wessex, Solent Division RNR, as a Radio Operator in 1977 and trained at HMS Mercury and the Signals Training Centre, HMS Drake.  Further Operational Role Training was carried out in HM Ships Alfriston and Kellington.  In 1982 he was promoted Sub-Lieutenant and after further periods of sea training in HMS Alfriston and HMS Mercury he subsequently qualified as a Communications Officer in 1984.

Promoted Lieutenant in 1985 Commodore Thorne continued to undertake Operational Role training at sea in HMS Itchen, qualifying as a watchkeeper in 1991 and as Navigating Officer for the following two years.  He has also served as First Lieutenant in HMS Fencer and Trumpeter and as a watchkeeper in HMS Arrow.

Commodore Thorne has also played a full role in the Communications Branch being Communications Training Officer at HMS Wessex and Branch Officer at HMS Forward.  In 1997 he staffed a Career Options Paper for the Branch which introduced the concept of the current structure and identified Command and Control Warfare/Information Operations as a war role for Senior Communications Officers, which he has subsequently pursued, with two exercises with US forces.

Promoted Lieutenant-Commander in 1993 he left HMS Forward in 1994 as acting Executive Officer, to join HMS King Alfred and become the Young Officers’ Training Officer.  In 1996 he was appointed the New Entry and Recruitment Officer.

He was promoted to Commander in 1998 and appointed Commanding Officer of HMS King Alfred in December of that year.

During his command HMS King Alfred was awarded both the Commodore’s prize and the award of the Director Naval Reserves for the best Reserve Training Centre.

Appointed Deputy Director Communications (R) in 2001 he made it his focus to concentrate on bringing the national and regional training for ratings into focus and implemented a regional training organisation to facilitate this.

In September 2002 Commodore Thorne was appointed Deputy Director Operational Performance (R), a new appointment to address operational performance within the reserves as a whole.

Promoted Captain in September 2003 and appointed as Director Training (Reserves) and latterly Captain Operations Support (MR) he took over as Commander Maritime Reserves on 25 January 2007 in the rank of Commodore RNR.
Commodore Thorne is currently the Head of Development Services at Salisbury District Council.

He is married to Anita and has four children, a boy and three girls.  He is a keen mountaineer and photographer.