Royal Navy
  • LLogs(Pers) Michelle Burgess, HMS Somerset
    I’m currently serving on board HMS Somerset as the Leading Logistics (Personnel), I’ve been on board for 2 years,
  • LAcmn Alan 'Speedy' Speed
    Alan 'Speedy' Speed joined the Royal Navy in 2001 as an Operator Mechanic, Mine Warfare specialist.  After transferring to Aircrewman,
  • HMS Argyll Diary
    3rd Apr 2009
    HMS Argyll Diary
    LET(ME) Davies 28 Mar – 2 Apr 09
  • POAET(AV) Oliver Smith, 820NAS HMS Ocean
    The ship is working defence watches this week. Not that my working routine changes as I always work watches. I am an Avionics Trade Supervisor and part of 820 Naval Air Squadron.
  • AB (CIS) Andy Reid, HMS Bulwark
    A quiet marina filled with row upon row of expensive looking yachts is not the view I was expected to be greeted with when breaking out of the ship for the first time in 10 days..
  • NA(AH) Ellor - AKA Cinders
    HMS Ocean, week of Sat 7- Thu 12 March 09. By NA(AH) Ellor - AKA Cinders  
  • LLogs Pers Mark (Chokey) Luff
    Saturday 28 Feb – Thu 5 Mar 09. Did the day start with a bang? Well, I wasn’t quite sure.  We only got into Malta yesterday, and it had been a busy day at that..
  • Stacey Johnson  onboard HMS Bulwark
    Hi – my name is Stacey Johnson and I work onboard HMS Bulwark.  My main job is as a Logistician (Catering Services) – most people outside of the Royal Navy would call me a Steward. 
  • 'The Bish' - Revd. Mike Hills RN, Chaplain to HMS Bulwark
    For most people the difference between ‘perceived’ and ‘real’ time has made these final days of preparation particularly emotional..