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Spearfish in Submarine Torpedo racks
Spearfish Torpedo

Spearfish is a submarine-launched, heavyweight torpedo (HWT) for use against both surface and submarine targets. It is powered by an open-cycle, bi-propellant gas turbine engine, which provides the weapon with a high sprint speed, a deep-diving capability and high endurance. It is provided with a copper wire command data link to the launch platform but has an inherent capability to operate autonomously.

Once initialised with target and environmental data, the weapon searches for and homes in on the target, using a combination of passive and active sonar, the selection of which is controlled by the weapon's own tactical software. Within this software are tactical algorithms to enable the weapon to deal with complex countermeasure scenarios. The ultimate lethality of the weapon derives from its blast warhead.

Spearfish has the orthodox HWT diameter of 21in, is a little over 20ft in length and weighs nearly two tons.