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Sting Ray Torpedo launch
Sting Ray Torpedo launch

Sting Ray is a lightweight torpedo for carriage by aircraft (fixed-wing or rotary) and surface ships for use against submarine targets. It is electrically propelled and powered by a sea water battery which combines low-noise and manoeuvrability with a high speed and deep-diving capability. It is an autonomous weapon which, having received initial, pre-launch, environmental and target information from its launch platform, uses its active sonar and tactical software to search for, localise and prosecute its submarine target. Its tactical software provides the tactical algorithms needed to deal with complex countermeasure scenarios.

Sting Ray has a diameter of 12.75 inches and a length of around 8.5 feet. Sting Ray Mod 1 will share the same hull components as Sting Ray Mod 0 with both having a shaped-charge warhead.

Sting Ray Mod 1 is intended to prosecute the same threats as Sting Ray Mod 0 but with an enhanced capability against small clad conventional submarines and an improved shallow-water performance