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Principal Anti-Air Missile System for Type 45, The missile that will arm the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyers has proved it's "phenomenal" performance in a series of demanding trials in the Mediterranean. Two versions of the Aster missile will equip the Type 45, the shorter range Aster 15 and the longer range Aster 30. The missiles are the weaponry of the world-leading Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS).

PAAMS comprises radars, command and control equipment, missile launchers and the missiles themselves. The trials took place against a subsonic C22 drone and were designed to demonstrate the Aster 15's ability to successfully prosecute a small target in a most demanding scenario; engagement at very short range of a target at low level. Captain Matt Robb OBE RN, Assistant Director of the program PAAMS and in the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) Type 45 Destroyer project team said: "It was a very difficult target and the missile hit and destroyed it. The trial was totally successful. The missile did not carry any warhead but it still destroyed the target." PAAMS is being jointly purchased by the UK, France and Italy to equip air defence ships which will use the system to protect themselves and other ships against attack from aircraft and missiles.