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Manning the Machine Guns
Live firing of a 20mm gun
During a live firing exercise of the port-side 20mm gun

In addition to the major weapons systems, all RN warships carry small calibre guns for use against both surface and airborne targets. Unlike the majority of the ships weapons systems, these guns are not radar and computer controlled, but aimed and fired by the upper deck gun crews. The weapons range in calibre and complexity, the most common is the GAM BO, a single 20mm cannon with a range of 2km that is fitted throughout the fleet and can fire 900 rounds per minute. The 20mm Mk.7a, is a proven and effective weapon that dates back to World War II, which is fitted to the vessels of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Fitted to all ships in the Fleet is the mounted General Purpose Machine Gun, that can be used for protection of ships from less threatening forces and also as a last means of defence against air threats.