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Orangeleaf in Heavy Seas

HMS Gloucester coming alongside
HMS Gloucester commences her approach for fuel
Man over board drills

06 February 2009

As the winter freeze and snowstorms bit hard into the UK, RFA Orangeleaf endured heavy sea and high winds to carry out her duties as FOST tanker.

Unfortunately the sea state was so unpredictable that several schedule training serials were cancelled. The only serials to be completed in full were the Thursday War and a defensive choke point exercise with HMS Somerset.

03 February 2009 

After sailing from Portland, the whole ship took part in a whole ship fire exercise to test all equipment and personnel on the Command and Control and fighting a major fire onboard. 

02 February 2009

Orangeleaf is back in the FOST Lane 

In her first full week as FOST tanker, Orangeleaf took part in 12 FOST serials which included refuelling HMS Somerset, Bulwark, and Cornwall, and the Dutch ship HNLMS Van Amstel. She also took part in a multinational air defence exercise (ADEX) and the infamous “Thursday War” alongside the Royal Navy, HNLMS Van Amstel and German ships FGS Luebeck and Fankfurt Au Main.

Orangeleaf then proceeded to Portland where she picked up stores and some well earned rest and recuperation for the crew.

02 February 2009 

Safety First 

To ensure the safety of the crew the whole ship took part in a Life Boat muster, where  instruction into the correct safe procedures for lower the boats into the sea and actions to be taken once in the lifeboats. Each member of the 4 lifeboats acted out there part in the launchings to ensure that should the boats ever be needed the crew know exactly what their responsibilities are.

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