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How to join
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The Selection Process

The selection process consists of five stages. These stages usually take place over the course of two months. The majority of RMR Units have one to two intake periods for new recruits per year. Therefore, selection will usually be conducted once or twice a year in order to select suitable potential RMR recruits for Commando training.

However, if you miss the Selection Process, do not wait until the next selection period before contacting your local RMR Unit. If you are interested in joining the RMR, feel free to contact your nearest Armed Forces Careers Office or the Recruiting Officer at your local RMR Unit at any time. The Recruiting Officer may then be able to arrange for you to attend your local RMR Detachment. Here you will be given an insight into the RMR and may be able to take part in Physical Training which will help prepare you for the next period of Selection.

  1. Contact your local RMR Unit to arrange to attend an RMR presentation at the unit.
  2. Attend RMR Presentation at your local unit. This will take place on a weekday evening.
  3. Recruitment Tests - you will need to complete the Standard Naval Entrance Test, this comprises of two basic tests of your English, Maths and Technical Aptitude; the tests are a mixture of multiple choice and simple written answers.
  4. A pre-joining fitness test that consists of a 2.4 km (1.5 miles) run on a treadmill.
  5. Medical examination.
  6. Join the unit holding troop, where basic fitness training begins.
  7. Selection/confirmation weekend to confirm that recruits are of an appropriate standard to start training

More Information is available from the recruiting Officer at your local unit. Please feel free to ring him direct. (Unit locations provide all the relevant contact numbers).