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Commando Training

Commando TrainingTraining on the Assault Course at CTCRM RMR Basic Training and the Commando Course are not for the fainthearted. It requires real commitment and determination, as it puts great demands on the recruits spare time and dedication. In order to complete RMR Basic Training and prepare for the Commando Course. Over a period of 8 - 10 months, recruits are required to attend training at their RMR Units, one evening a week and usually two weekends a month. In addition when not training with the RMR they must work on their physical fitness in their own time.

To undergo and complete RMR Basic Training a recruit must remain self-motivated and dedicated, while balancing this with the support, co-operation and understanding of families, girlfriends, wives and employers.

However, it is these very challenges that attract the calibre of recruit the RMR are looking for. The fact they are willing to undergo one of the toughest courses any Reservist can attempt, to have the pride of wearing the coveted Green Beret that signifies their achievement.

Outline of RMR Basic Training

Basic Training for RMR recruits is divided into three parts:

  • Phase 1 - Individual Skills Training
  • Phase 2 - Tactics Training & Reserve Forces Commando Course
  • Continuation Training - Advanced Tactics & Commando Skills