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How to join
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Life as a Reservist

Life as a ReservistLife as a Reservist On earning their Green Beret following completion of Phase 2 Training, Marines join 'Commando Company' within their RMR units. Only on completion of Continuation Training are Marines considered fully trained General Duties (GD) Riflemen, capable of serving with the Regular Corps on Operations or Exercises.

'Commando Company' Training

The purpose of Commando Company is to continue to expand and build on the Marine's individual and team skills through further training, in order to develop Marines capable of deploying with and in aid of the Royal Marines Command (RMC).

Within their RMR Units, Marines will train so as to consolidate their basic soldiering skills such as Weapon Training, First Aid, Signals, Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Warfare, Physical Fitness, etc. In addition to learning and developing more advanced skills such as conducting amphibious raids and learning how to conduct operations in built up areas (OBUA).

Throughout each year Commando Company conduct a number of weekend exercises where they are given the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. For example - a unit live field firing exercise, where they would employ and practise weapon drills, marksmanship and troop tactics using live ammunition. During the lead up to any exercise the Marines would normally use the week night training periods to revise or learn the skills required during the forthcoming exercise.

Life as a Reservist 2Life as a Reservist In addition to participating in Commando Company Training within their own RMR Units, Marines have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of training courses. For example - military parachute course, combat medic course, recce leader etc.

Serving with the Corps

All trained ranks within the Royal Marines Reserve have the opportunity to serve with the regular Corps anywhere in the world through the Full Time Reservist Service (FTRS) Contract, on exercise or operations, whenever their time and circumstances permit. These periods can vary from 2 weeks up to 2 years and provide RMR ranks with excellent scope to learn and develop new skills. These opportunities normally occur on a regular basis and are advertised within the RMR Units.

Further Training

The Royal Marines are trained to fight in many places where the environment is as hostile as the enemy. Members of the RMR also have the opportunity to train in these environments, either with RMR Units or the Corps.