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Officer Selection and Training

Officer Training within the Royal Marines Reserve

Officer Selection and TrainingThe success of the Royal Marines Reserve depends on thorough and arduous training, determination to succeed, a strong sense of teamwork and comradeship and most important - having the right men as leaders. These officers must not only be physically fit, but must also be able to make intelligent command decisions in a wide range of challenging situations.

Officers within the Royal Marines Reserve

Officer applicants within the RMR are required to initially complete RMR Phase 1 Basic Recruit Training. After an assessment of their officer potential is made, applicants are required to appear before a RMR Unit Assessment Board, chaired by their Commanding Officer.

Other RMR Officers are Corps Commissioned 'ranks', men selected from within the ranks of the Royal Marines Reserve. These commissions draw on the experience of suitably qualified young men who have considerable experience to offer the RMR. These men are selected from volunteers who are academically qualified.

Applicants who have previously held regular or reserve commissions in any of the Regular or Reserve Forces may be granted direct commissions at the discretion of the MOD (Navy). All applicants regardless of rank or age are required to pass the Commando Course, unless previously qualified.