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Harrier GR7
Invincible Class Carrier
Artist impression of Joint Strike Fighter and Future Carrier

A year long Basic Fast Jet Training (BFJT) Course at RAF Linton-On-Ouse, flying the Tucano, expands on all the elements taught on the Firefly whilst also introducing you to some of the techniques required to fly a front line Fast Jet. On completion you gain your wings - a day in your life you are unlikely to forget.

After BFJT, you will find yourself in North Wales at RAF Valley where you start Advanced Flying Training flying the Hawk. In about 60 hours you become proficient at flying the Jet, then move to the Advanced Tactical Training and Weapons Unit where you start learning to fight your aircraft.

Finally after almost 4 years you are now ready to join Joint Force Harrier and begin flying the Harrier at 20(R) Squadron at RAF Wittering for Operational Flying Training (OFT). During the course you are taught how to use the Harrier GR7 in its role as a single seat, precision ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft, learning how to operate the Harrier and its weapon system to their best advantage.

Successful completion of OFT marks the end of nearly 5 years of training; you are now ready to join your first front-line Squadron (800 or 801) based at RAF Cottesmore, operating the GR7A/9A from land, or from the sea in one of the Royal Navy's Invincible class Aircraft Carriers.

In the next decade the Harrier is set to be replaced by the Future Joint Combat Aircraft (FJCA).  and you will be perfectly placed to continue your career in the Fleet Air Arm flying this awesome new aircraft from one of the Royal Navy's two new Future Carriers.