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Sea King Mk4
Sea King Mk4
Sea King Mk4

The Sea King HC Mk4 is an all weather, day and night amphibious medium support helicopter.  It is cleared for operations from nearly all HM and many foreign warships and is equally at home providing support to ground forces when ashore.  The aircraft can seat up to 27 troops and is fitted with an external cargo hook capable of carrying underslung loads weighing up to 6000lbs such as Land Rovers and Light Artillery.  A rescue hoist is fitted as standard.

The aircraft is fitted with a Defensive Aids Suite which offers a high standard of protection from both Infra-Red (IR) and Radar guided anti-aircraft weapons.  It is also armed with a cabin mounted 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) for self defence and limited fire support. On the Squadrons return from Iraq, the Sea King Mk 4 required upgrading to enable it to operate in Afghanistan. So within days of returning from Iraq the first Sea King began a modification programme to both improve its performance for the hot and high conditions of Afghanistan and to enhance its capability to deliver effect on the battlefield.  This meant fitting a new design of rotor blades, a high performance tail rotor, an updated Defensive Aids Suite, an improved avionics and radio suite to detect and deter anti-aircraft radar, missiles and guns and a new Display Night Vision Goggle capability. This large package of modifications resulted in the Sea King Mk 4 becoming the Sea King Mk4+.
The Sea King was designed as a Naval Helicopter from the outset and has numerous features which make it well suited to embarked operations; these include powered folding rotor blades, a folding tail, robust undercarriage, a telebrief system and construction from materials resistant to salt water corrosion.  The aircraft is a stable platform for Instrument Flying (IF) and is fitted with a comprehensive suite of navigation aids including an Instrument Landing Sytem, much the same as that found in civil airliners.  The Sea King HC Mk 4 has clearance to fly in certain icing conditions and is fully Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible.

Sea King HC4
Type Medium Lift Support Helicopter
Engines 2 Rolls Royce Gnome 1400-1 Turboshafts (1,400 shp each)
Rotor diameter 62ft 0in
Length 57ft 2in
Crew 3 (2 Pilots, 1 Aircrewman)
Max Speed 125 Kts