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How to join
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What is your policy on bullying?

Complaints about bullying and mistreatment are not seen as a weakness and are positively encouraged. Bullying in the Royal Marines is not tolerated on any level. All complaints are thoroughly investigated, and anyone found guilty of bullying will be dealt with accordingly.

What is the policy on drug taking?

Drugs in the Royal Marines are not tolerated at any level. Those found guilty of drug usage are dealt with accordingly, usually by being discharged from the service.

What about harassment?

It is Ministry of Defence policy that all military or civilian personnel, regardless of rank, grade or status, have a right to protection from harassment and a responsibility to ensure that their working environment is comfortable, non-threatening and that the dignity of others is respected.

How long will a recruit have to sign up for?

Royal Marines join on a Full career of 18 years. Normally you cannot leave during the first four weeks, but then you can leave at anytime up to the first six months after giving 7 days' notice. After six months you will be required to serve a minimum of 2½ years from the end of initial training, after this you can give 12 months notice to leave.

What if they want to try the RMs before committing?

That's fine. The Royal Marines run several "look at life" courses throughout the year and all the Units run several "meet the Marines" days. Everyone is eligible to attend these and they serve to improve potential applicants knowledge and understanding of what a career in the Royal Marines would be like. For more details, speak to a Royal Marines or Royal Navy Careers Adviser.

What are the leave periods?

Depending on when they do their training, they will get two weeks at Easter and Christmas and three weeks in the summer. All weekends that are non-working will also be given as time off.

How long are they away on deployments?

Most deployments are about six months in length, though this can vary.

How will my son get paid? What do they need to do themselves?

Your son will get paid on a monthly basis direct into his bank account. He will receive pay rises as completes time served and as he progresses up the career ladder. His food and accommodation (if he lives on camp) charges will automatically be subtracted from his pay.

What if my son has debt or gets into debt whilst serving?

Financial responsibility is a matter for the individual; however, if the debt impinges on his service career he can turn to his superior officer who can advise him on how to deal with debt.

When would my son find out when his leave is?

As soon as he joins Commando Training Centre Royal Marines your son will be made aware of leave timings. This will also include when he will get long weekends. Once in a Unit leave timings will be promulgated on notice boards around camp.

Would my son be able to get away from training on compassionate grounds?

This would be at the discretion of the Company Commander. In most cases leave is granted depending on the nature of the compassionate case.

If my son gets ill or injured what happens to them?

At Commando Training Centre Royal Marines and indeed at the various Units we have first class medical facilities that operate 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. If you son becomes injured he may be placed in to Hunter Company for rehabilitation and remedial training. If he is ill he will be sent to sickbay where he will spend all the time needed to ensure he is fit to return to training.

If they are feeling down / depressed is there someone there they can talk to?

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines have several members of staff available for recruits, permanent staff and dependants to talk to. There are several chaplains on call to provide support as well as welfare advisors. The training teams are also available should the recruit wish to talk to them.

Confidentiality - if they speak to someone is it held in confidence?

Yes. The chaplain and welfare advisors cannot divulge any information that is given to them in confidence. Obviously, if it is something illegal or a potential threat to life then they have to tell the Commanding Officer.

What pension is available?

The RM have excellent pension arrangements and details can found via the Royal Navy website ( Details are also provided on joining.
More details can be found here.

What facilities are available to recruits under training?

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines offers a wide variety of services and facilities to recruits. There is a library with free internet access, cinema, laundrette, café, and a bar. If there is time the recruits are free to use any of the extensive sports facilities available including; squash courts, gym, astro-pitches and tennis courts. Commando Training Centre Royal Marines also has its own train station so recruits can get in to town easily during their time off.

What travel allowances are there?

Recruits are given three warrants a year to get them home. This covers their transport to anywhere in the country free of charge for summer, Christmas and Easter leave periods.

What is the drinking policy within Commando Training Centre Royal Marines?

Recruits are allowed to drink whilst not on duty; they are encouraged to limit their intake especially during the week as it has a detrimental effect on their physical performance. At the weekends recruits are again free to go into town and drink if they choose to. During training they are bound by strict timings at the weekend and are not allowed to return to camp drunk.