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Staying in Touch

Stay in Touch

At Lympstone during training:

Staying in touch with your son during his time at Lympstone is easy.

Mobile phones are allowed within the barracks and most recruits tend to use them at night when their working day has finished. If he does not have a mobile phone there are plenty of pay phones around camp that he is free to use.

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) also has a very modern internet facility that is open until 9pm Monday - Friday that all recruits are able to access.

Post is delivered/collected daily to and from the Recruits, so that birthday cards, letters or postcards will all get to your son in the quickest time possible.

Once your son is in a Royal Marines Unit:

Once your son has left CTCRM he will have the ability to email, phone or write to you whilst at his unit. Each unit has the same facilities as CTCRM and they are available to all personnel.

Whilst deployed on military operations or overseas training exercises:

On operations all ranks will be given an allocation of time on a satellite phone so that they may ring home.

Depending on where they are operating there is usually the facility to email, and of course they can write. The Service provides free letters, known as "Blueys" because of their colour and is the favoured method of writing home. Parents, wives and girlfriends can send Blueys, and these are free of charge and do not require a stamp. E-Blueys can be sent via the internet and this is often a lot quicker than hand writing them - the unit or ship will print them out in theatre and they will then be delivered to your son within a few days.

On training exercises and operations every effort is made to ensure all ranks can communicate with those at home. However, the security situation may preclude this. Satellite phones and email facilities should always be available. Also, the normal mail system - managed by the British Forces Post Office - can be relied upon.