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T45 Air Weapons Handling System installation in Collingwood

The Training Project Team at HMS Collingwood in Fareham has successfully managed the installation of the T45 Air Weapon Handling System (AWHS) into Marlborough Building.  The system is a pneumatic system which moves Air Weapons around a simulation of part of the T45 Air Weapons Magazine.  The system is now trialled and ready for the first course planned for June.  Lt Jonathan Boughton RN who was the Project Manager responsible for the installation said “It was a successful project that had a large amount of risk at the outset which the Project Team managed to mitigate so that the installation came in on time and on budget.”  The training equipment has now been officially handed over to the T45 Training Unit who will run the first course, after which it will be handed over to WETG.

30th Apr 2009

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