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    The requirement for Chaplains in the modern Navy is as great today as at any time in the past.  The Ministry of Defence is recruiting Chaplains from the following Christian denominations:

    The Church of England

    The Church of Scotland and other Presbyterian Churches

    The Roman Catholic Church

    The Methodist Church

    The Baptist Church

    The Congregational Church

    Elim Pentecostal Church

    The Ministry of Defence has also recruited Civilian Chaplains to provide for the spiritual needs of its personnel who belong to Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish faith groups.

    Where will I be ministering? 

    At sea on a major warship

    With the Royal Marines (male clergy)

    In a training establishment, working with young people or reservists

    At sea caring for a number of smaller ships

    At a Naval Base with a large number of families, thousands of civilian workers and many ships alongside

    With the Submarine Service (male clergy)

    One of the exciting aspects of Naval Chaplaincy is the variety of appointments that you can have during the course of your time as a Chaplain RN.  Whether you are appointed to a ship, a shore establishment, the Royal Marines, the Fleet Air Arm or attached to a Reserve Training Unit you will be part of a dynamic team of chaplains serving a highly committed and professional organisation. 

    Whether you are on military operations, at a social, conducting ceremonial duties or going away on adventurous training you will always need to maintain your role as an effective and thoughtful servant of the gospel.  You will be ministering to a congregation who may have had little experience of church life.  However, the military draws people together into a uniquely close-knit community and as a chaplain you will have much needed and respected role.

    Whether at sea or ashore you will need to be “the friend and advisor to all”.  Using your befriending and counselling skills you will be required to be an advocate, teacher and mentor; as well as being a critical friend to the commanding officer. 

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