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  • Bulwark Honours Her Majesty
    It wasn’t official by any means, but the Sailors and Royal Marines in HMS Bulwark decided to honour Queen Elizabeth’s 83rd Birthday with an impromptu self funded
  • Bulwark Re-Ignites A Naval Tradition
    HMS Bulwark had turned the clock back and re-ignited a Naval tradition
  • Marines and Navy train in Saudi desert
    In the first training exercise by UK Land Forces on Saudi Arabian soil since the first Gulf War, Royal Marines have deployed onto the country's scorching deserts as part of the Royal Navy's TAURUS 09 deployment
  • Commander-In-Chief Visits Taurus Units In The Red Sea
    Seven weeks after waving them off from Devonport, Commander In Chief Fleet (CINC), Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope KCB OBE has visited TAURUS 09 units
  • What Lurks Beneath?
    14th Apr 2009
    What Lurks Beneath?
    Deep down in the depths of the Arabian Sea, Plymouth-based submarine HMS Talent lurks silently, evading for the moment, the probing eyes of the Merlin Maritime Patrol Helicopters and warships prowling above.
  • 40 Commando Complete Turkish Exercise
    The culmination of the first phase of the Royal Navy’s Taurus 09 deployment was to be a huge multinational exercise on and around the coast of Turkey by the name of EGEMEN.
  • TAURUS Ships Transit Suez Canal
    The ships of TAURUS 09 have transited the Suez Canal, marking the start of Phase Two of the deployment. After a brief stop off at Port Said, the entrance to the canal where they waited patiently to be brought forward through this busy shipping lane..
  • Royal Navy Task Group Heads for Red Sea
    A Royal Navy Task Group which forms the biggest deployment to the Far East in more than a decade is preparing to head into some of the busiest sea lanes of the world, notorious for pirate attacks.
  • Bulwark Crete Visit
    Three Royal Navy ships, which make up part of the UK’s biggest sea deployments of recent years, have spent the past week in the Greek island of Crete..
  • Ancient Aegean Port Of Izmir Hosts Mighty 'O'
    HMS Ocean’s crew have been taking a well earned break this week in the ancient Aegean port of Izmir following completion of an intensive 2 week Amphibious Exercise off the coast of Turkey.
  • TAURUS Ships In Mediterranean Stand Downs
    The TAURUS ships have been enjoying their third stand-down of the deployment, with visits to Crete, Cyprus and Turkey.
  • COMUKMARFOR Visits TAURUS Task Group
    Commander UK Maritime Forces, Rear Admiral Phil Jones has paid a visit to the TAURUS 09 Task Group as it exercises in the Mediterranean.
  • Advance Force Creeps Into Cyprus
    While troops taking part in the Cyprus Wader geared up at sea for the beach assaults, a specialist Royal Marine detachment slipped ashore, unseen, undetected, preparing the land for the impending assault.
  • Royal Navy Task Group Flexes Its Muscles in the Mediterranean
    Under the clear blue skies of the Mediterranean, the eleven ships of the Royal Navy’s TAURUS 09 deployment line up, in a rare display of might.
  • Marines Wade In
    13th Mar 2009
    Marines Wade In
    Royal Marines from Taunton-based 40 Commando have been testing the waters of the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Talent Joins TAURUS 09 and Hosts First Cross-Pol
    Following a very enjoyable port visit to Soudha Bay, Crete, HMS Talent joined the Taurus 09 Task group.  After participating in the first of a series of Combined Anti-Submarine Exercises..
  • Navy Exercises Amphibious Force in Cyprus
    Thousands of Royal Navy sailors, Royal Marines and airmen are taking part in a major amphibious exercise in Cyprus, as part of one of the navy’s largest deployments of recent years.
  • HMS Somerset Sails for TAURUS 09
    Early 2009 has seen HMS Somerset successfully regenerate to become a key asset for a major Royal Navy deployment, TAURUS 09. 
  • Submarine Joins TAURUS Ships In The Med
    HMS Talent has sailed to join the rest of the TAURUS 09 Task Group in the Mediterranean.
  • Valletta Hosts Amphibious Task Group
    Four warships which sailed into Valletta’s Grand Harbour last week have now left, sailing into the Mediterranean sunset.