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HMS Lancaster
Monmouth transiting the Straits of Gibraltar with a Merchant Vessel in close proximity
HMS Monmouth

Powerful and versatile with the capability to operate anywhere in the world, the type 23 frigate is the mainstay of the modern surface fleet. The 13 Type 23 frigates form 50% of the total frigate/destroyer force in the Royal Navy. Originally designed for the principal task of anti-submarine warfare, they have evolved into powerful and versatile multi purpose ships with the capability to operate anywhere in the world. The effectiveness of these ships is enhanced by their stealth design, which reduces their radar signature significantly. In addition to the war fighting roles described above, the ship is trained to conduct a wide range of other tasks. These include embargo operations using boarding teams inserted from the ship's boats or helicopter, disaster relief work and surveillance operations.

Type 23 Duke Class Frigates
Ship Name Pennant No. Ship Name Pennant No.
Argyll F231 Northumberland F238
Lancaster F229 Richmond F239
Iron Duke F234 Somerset F82
Monmouth F235 Sutherland F81
Montrose F236 Kent F78
Westminster F237 Portland F79
St Albans F83    

Type 23 Statistics
Displacement: 4,900 tonnes
Length: 133m / 436ft
Beam: 16.1m / 52.9ft
Complement: 185
Armament: 2 x Quad Harpoon Missile launchers Vertical Launch Sea Wolf anti-missile system 4.5in (114mm) MK 8 gun 2 x 30mm Close range guns 2 x Magazine launched anti submarine torpedo tubes NATO Seagnat and DLF3 Decoy Launchers
Sensors: Type 1007 navigation radar Type 996 air/surface surveillance radar 2 x Type 911 Sea Wolf tracking radars UAT Electronic Surveillance System Type 2050 active sonar
Aircraft: MK 8 Lynx helicopters:


Sea Skua anti-ship missiles

Stingray anti-submarine torpedoes

Mk 11 depth charges

Machine guns


CODLAG (Combined Diesel and Gas) - 2 x

Rolls Royce Spey gas boost


4 x GEC-Alsthom Paxman Valenta


2 x GEC motors
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