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Under Secretary of State for Defence and Minister for Veterans

Kevan Jones MP

Kevan Jones MP - Under Secretary of State and Minister for Defence Equipment and Support

Kevan Jones MP

Kevan Jones MP has been appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Veterans.

Born in Nottinghamshire in 1964, son of a miner, he went to comprehensive school in Worksop and graduated in government and public policy at Newcastle Polytechnic and put down strong roots in the North East.

Between 1990 and 2001 Kevan served as a councillor on Newcastle City Council, where he was deputy leader, Cabinet member for development, Chief Whip and committee chairman on development and transport and public health.

In 2001 Kevan was elected Member of Parliament for North Durham. During his first parliament he served as a member of the Defence Select Committee and also succeeded in getting his own Private Member’s Bill on to the statute book, to prevent big stores from opening on Christmas Day.

After the 2005 General Election Kevan was elected by his fellow Labour MPs to the Labour Party Parliamentary Committee. Kevan served as a member of the Defence Select Committee, sitting on the Armed Forces Bill Select Committee in 2006 and visiting both Iraq and Afghanistan on a number of occasions.

Kevan's main policy interests are regeneration, defence and industrial law and his hobby is golf.


Supports Min(AF) on:

  • Armed Forces Personnel Issues, with particular responsibility for Defence Medical Services, Cadets and Education, Pay and Pensions and Gurkhas

Leads on:

  • All Veterans and commemorative issues
  • Civilian Personnel issues
  • The Defence Estate
  • Low Flying
  • Agencies: PPPA, SVPA, MOD Police and Guarding Agency
  • Hydrographic Office and Met Office
  • Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme/Visits by Peers and MPs
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Service Charities

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