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Our Submariners serve at the forefront of the Royal Navy’s technical capability, working together onboard as an elite team to provide world-leading military power and intelligence. Being a Submariner means belonging to a very exclusive club – you’ll develop your skills to the highest standards, and find yourself coming ashore to explore places that many people only ever dream of visiting.

To join the Submariners as a rating you must be between the age of 16-36 (you must join the RN before your 37th birthday).

To join as an Officer you must be 17, the upper age limit is job specific.

Our Submariners are highly-trained individuals, but life on board is all about teamwork and what you bring to that team. The variety of exciting roles on offer means that, wherever you skills lie, you’ll be an integral part of an exceptional crew. Choose an area that interests you to find out more.

Please note that the Royal Submarine Service only accepts applications from men.

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Featured Roles

Engineering Technician
Catering Services
Engineering Technician

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The real secret weapon of The Royal Navy’s silent service, our Marine Engineering Technicians are at the heart of keeping some of the most advance military vessels running. Looking after the mechanical and life-support systems on board, Marine Engineers are essential to ensuring the success of our missions.


Submariners are truly a breed apart, and the responsibilities that come with being a member of our Special Forces are rewarded with salaries £19,500 to £75,000 P.A.* and a bonus of £5,000.

*As a Commanding Officer of a submarine.

Submariners receive this joining bonus when they complete their training and are awarded their Dolphins.

What's in it for you

£5,000 cash bonus
£19,500 - £75,000 P.A.*

Elite training
Covert operations
Cutting edge roles
*As a Commanding Officer of a submarine

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