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  • Importance of Fitness

    Fitness is at the heart of the Royal Navy and the exceptional opportunities we offer for adventure and sport is one of the reason recruits choose to join us. There are also many reasons why it is important that Royal Naval personnel maintain a high level of fitness:

    • Improved fitness to fight and ability to cope with the physical demands of life at sea
    • Improved confidence in own capabilities and in the physical robustness and determination of other members of the team
    • Improved physical ability, which in turn maximises resistance to injury and extremes of heat; fitter people are also likely to recover more quickly from injury and physical stress
    • Improved alertness and reduced levels of psychological stress
    • Improved good health, now and in later life

    It is, therefore, important that when you join the Royal Navy as a new recruit, you are fit enough to cope with the rigours of New Entry Training. Find out more about the fitness tests here.

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