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A Jetstream T2 of 750 Squadron, who train observers to become airborne warfare officers.
Jetstream T2 of 750 Squadron on an observer training sortie.
 Royal Navy Jetstream

The Jetstream is used to train the all important Observers of the Fleet Air Arm who eventually become the tacticians of our Sea King Mk7 ASaC (Airborne Surveillance and Control), Merlin (anti-submarine) and Lynx (anti-surface) helicopters. To facilitate this training, the Jetstream is fitted with a nose mounted radar and two navigation consoles for the student and instructor. The jetstream is a fixed wing aircraft powered by twin gas turbine engines and with spare passenger capacity. There are two variants in service, T2s, which are used in the observer training role and T3s, which are operated by Heron flight at Yeovilton for operational support and communications.

Engines 2 x 940hp Turbomeca 16D turboprops
Crew 1 or 2 pilots

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