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Im Back….. Again

Phew,,, only just made that last post then, just as squeezed the last few letters out and pressed publish the ships email system went down……good timing if you ask me.

So, now im back in my office still sweating even after having a shower (a bit graphic but its true). I have only just finished taking a lunch time circuit which i call Muscle beach in nearly 40 degree heat! Good timesfor me though because everyones smashing out the phyz (physical training in our language) including the Wardroom! and getting massive for the MRS or getting hardcore for home. Basically panic training before we arrive back to the UK in August :)

The ship at the moment is patrolling a box in the sea, sounds kind of boring right?? well to many of the ships company not involved in the various war type games we have been playing it is. Our time at sea can sometimes seem like its taking for ever. Especailly towards the end of a deployment as ours is now so tomorrow we have got a birdman competition to keep the lads and lasses smiling.

Basically its a Navy rip off of the version held on the Peir in Brighton and Bournemouth every year. Prizes and winners for variuos categories such as costumes, distance of flight etc. it should be a laugh at least. Ill post some Phots up on my page for you to have a butchers at later on the week.

for now though im gonna have to go see the chefs to ask if i can get in the big Freezer for 5 minutes!


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