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Covey Crump

Many terms now in use in the English language around the world owe their beginnings to slang originated by sailors of the Royal Navy.

A valuable resource in tracing these origins has been Covey Crump - a collection of Naval slang, abbreviations, legends and historical tit-bits which was originally compiled by Commander A. Covey-Crump, RN, a former Naval Assistant to the Chief of Naval Information. The first edition appeared on 17th May, 1955. It is re-produced here and provides a valuable resource for researchers looking for answers to many historical questions about the Royal Navy.

It may not be re-produced or copied without prior permission from the Directorate of Defence Public Relations (Navy), Ministry of Defence, Main Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB.

Covey Crump (A to Aye)

Naval Surnames

Many Surnames have corresponding Naval Nicknames; this is a very imprecise science and there may be a number of possible explanations for the different nicknames.

Naval Surnames (Adams - Cooper)