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Peter in Beijing - Olympic Games

I think that throughout history, every athlete at every Olympic Games will have wanted to crawl under a rock and hide until it’s all over at some point in their preparation. It is difficult not to when you know how big and important one race is. Whether it is 9.7 seconds or 2.5 hours long, you know that other people who are the best in their country, at the peak of their form, are trying to take what you want most in the world; the one thing that you have been working so hard for, for more than 4 years.  PeteReedCaversham


These feelings are natural and so important in the last few days before I start racing. They are the sign that my body is getting ready for something special. It isn’t nerves, it’s excitement and passion. We’re ready.


I am not scared of how much it is going to hurt, or how much I have to do in training to get a Gold medal, I just want to make sure that I am as good as I can possibly be and turn every bit of that into boat speed during my 3 races.


I just had an interview with the BBC and the most difficult question to answer was ‘How are you?’.  I said I’m in Olympic mode, which is a bit of a cop-out, but it is too difficult to describe the mix of excitement and apprehension. We’re all enjoying ourselves and in fine form so that has got to count for something.


This will be my last blog, because the International Olympic Committee rules state that no athlete can post during the period of the Games (unless it is on your own site or one of the official supporting companies). So, I hope you enjoy the race; I hope we enjoy the race. I hope it has all been worth it.






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(Currently: getting ready for the first World Cup in Spain)

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  1. simonwheatley said:

    It’s a shame we won’t be able to follow you on JackSpeak, but good luck with your events!

  2. jamessente said:

    God knows how you feel, but congratulations, you did team GB proud, and congrats to the rest of your team aswell.